Don't just buy a car because you know the name and like its make

Seek professional advice before you buy "stone for bread" with your hard-earned money

Ask all the right BIG questions first before you buy

There is no question that you need a car and rightfully deserve one. The big question is...

  1. what car do you need?
  2. Put differently, what car will serve your needs? 
  3. Why do you own the car you are driving?
  4. What maintenance options should you implement?
  5. Should you buy a new car and keep maintaining the one you already have? 
  6. What accessories or grade of parts should you buy?

These questions seem simple on the surface and many take them for granted. But each of them need a serious thought especially as budget and safety are involved.


All too often we buy cars because we like the looks – interior and exterior, or perhaps we just saw it for sale and decided on the moment that we need it. Others bought their cars because the cars seem cheaper than some other brands of the same look. Yet others are compassionate about a specific brand and will always maintain their loyalty. You hear friends say that there are only two brands of vehicle in the market, brand” XXX” and others. We are also told that some cars are “stronger” than others. These are all excellent reasons for which one can buy a car and if any of them is all you care for in a car then why not.

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It is a known fact that...

No car has all the advantages. But we will recommend the best compromise that serves your need.

The increasing limitations placed on us all by available resources requires that we do not spend more than is necessary on any particular goods or services. Therefore, it makes no sense paying high premium on gadgets we do not need. Many pay for leather seats in their cars and end up covering them with cheap fabric bought on the roadside. Others pay for navigation equipment and never use them until the vehicle is disposed. Why buy a 5.0L engine for a vehicle that only takes you to office through traffic prone roads.

What about tires, other parts and accessories. Should you buy premium tires or cheap ones. Do not be confused, premium tires do not have all the advantages. Used or new parts?

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