Diagnostics/Functionality Analysis

We have top of the line computer equipment that connect to your vehicle computers and tell what is wrong with your vehicle

Why do we need computer equipment to troubleshoot vehicle faults?

Cars and their engines are no longer what we knew them to be before now.

Back in the days, a mechanic will listen to an engine and tell you what the issue is with it but not anymore. Vehicles have moved from running on pure mechanical systems to very complex electrical and computer systems. Electronics and software are increasingly being deployed in automobile systems with different communication protocols.

Many modern motor vehicles have up to 50 computers and more, ranging from those controlling the windshield to those controlling the transmission.

How the systems in your car work to detect fault in a precise manner 

The systems are designed to keep record of errors and malfunctions. Some show up as Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the dash and stores the error code. Others only store the error code referred to as Diagnostics Trouble Code (DTC). Computer equipment connect to these computers and read the DTC and interpret them.These are different from simple code readers and code erasers but complete diagnostics and analysis systems. With good measures of competence and experience, the mechanic can then point to the faulty unit. At WERTSEA, our mechanics are well trained to conduct these diagnostics and we have top of the range equipment to do these. But the work does not just end there.

The real danger in using conventional repair method

Against what has become conventional at this stage, mechanics will begin “parts darting”, that is a repair method where different parts are changed until the problem is solved. The problems with this method are in the cost and time to fix the issue.

That is where our functionality analysis come in...

We employ another set of computer equipment that are able to analyze the components of the suspected system to determine which is bad. That way, we replace just what is bad saving time and cost.

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