Periodic Servicing

This is at the heart of our business and is the most important activity to a car owner

Our Periodic Servicing is a set of maintenance procedures performed on a motor vehicle at a preset time. The time period between one preset time and the other is called a service interval. It is fixed by the vehicle manufacturers and can be measured in time or the distance traveled by the vehicle.

There are usually two sets of service intervals for a vehicle tagged normal and harsh use or similar expressions. The way the vehicle is used determines which service applies. The actual procedure for each service is determined by the vehicle manufacturer and varies from vehicle to vehicle. This is not to be confused with engine service which although about the most important part of each service is just a part of it.

What actually is done during a service visit? Why undertake these procedures? Who should do the servicing? What about lubricants and fluids?

Exactly what is done on your vehicle when it is booked into a repair center for servicing?...

This varies according to the vehicle make, model, age and other factors.

In a sentence, what should be done during a service visit should be what the vehicle manufacturer has said are to be done.

Baseless shortcuts to the manufacturers' recommendations may seem to save cost for the moment but in the long run are very costly and unsafe. Such practices lead to extended downtime, expensive repairs and replacement, loss of revenue and reputation, risk of injury or even death, reduced residual value of the vehicle among others.

Some misconstrue vehicle service with engine oil and oil filter replacements. This is just one procedure to be conducted during a service visit. Others perform the same few procedures on all vehicles at all intervals and leave essential components to fail or break before there are fixed. In reality some vehicles require more than 80 or more checks and replacements to be carried out during a full service. These include adjustments, checks, tire pressure and their monitoring systems (TPMS), fluid level and consistencies, lighting, error codes, etc.

At Wertsea Automobile Repair Center, we appreciate the scarcity of money to do all that should be done. We therefore carefully modify the manufacturer's recommendation to suit each specific vehicle to save on repair cost and still maintain the vehicle integrity. Why modify the manufacturers' schedule if it is the best? This is because individual needs, driving conditions, and driving environments all affect what should be done and when.Some experience and expertise are required to make these modifications.

The next time you send your vehicle for servicing, ask just what the repair center plans to do and check with the maintenance schedule in your user manual. Bear in mind though that if you are servicing with odometer, the great majority of vehicles in Nigeria bought as "Belgium" have their odometer reading tampered. We can get you an approximate of the last actual reading before it was sold. After the servicing, please insist that a service notice be pasted visibly to remind you of the next service. You are welcome to visit our temporary workshop or clickhere to book an appointment.

Why should periodic servicing procedures be carried out?

One descriptive phrase for periodic servicing is lubrication service and that says a major reason for servicing.  It is largely to keep the systems clean, have them well lubricated, ensure that everything is working as should and keep breakdowns to a minimum. Consider engine oil change as an example. Smoke, water vapors, fuel ingress, dirt and other substances contaminate the oil as it travels around the engine picking up all these and lubricating moving parts and keeping them cool. The moving parts also wear off some minimal amount of metal and the oil picks them. After a while, all these contaminants reduce the ability of the engine oil to continue to lubricate and clean the engine effectively and therefore a replacement will be needed.

Levels and consistencies of different fluids are checked at different interval. Drive belts and other rotating parts are checked and adjusted. Several other procedures are carried out to ensure the vehicle keep working as designed. In brief, servicing is required to take care of your vehicle. It takes care of the wear and tear that its components and fluids are subjected to in order to function well.

Why should you bring the vehicle to us at Wertsea Automobile Repair Center?

Consider just five reasons:

  1. We will do what you will not be able to do. Unless you are trained, your knowledge about modern vehicles will be limited and you probably won’t have the time to learn. The equipment required to perform most of these procedures are too expensive to be kept idle for once-in-a-long-while use. So please click here to book an appointment.


  1. We will do things that could save your life.  Time and time again we notice things that are dangerous to the vehicle and its passengers when we conduct checks on vehicles. An example is tire pressure. We frequently observe them to be either too high or too low. Either of these levels can cause tire blowout at high speed. The problem is compounded when the TPMS has already failed and some take no action when the warning lamp switches on. Do you need further details? Please contact us here.


  1. We will carry out inexpensive procedures that will save you huge amounts of money. There are procedures and warning lights that could be delayed for a while and there are those that should not be delayed. We do not ignore anyone that will result to huge spending and likely damage to your vehicle. We service your transmission unit as the manufacturer recommends so that you do not change the entire unit at a huge cost. We advise replacing your timing belt before they damage your engine. We re-kit your brakes before the pad metals wear off your disc. Why don’t you contact us here today and pay us a visit at our workshop?


  1. We implement a unique maintenance schedule for your vehicle as the manufacturer demands. Newer vehicles no longer fit into the old one-schedule-fit-all practice of yesteryears. Every vehicle now needs its own maintenance schedule based on manufacturer’s recommendation, vehicle use, and other factors. We have tools that will give us access to your vehicle maintenance needs and we will further customize it with you. This eliminates surprise breakdowns. Tell us when you are coming here.


  1. Our procedures will leave your car with high residual value. We keep every system functional so your vehicle remains in good grade at all at times. Ask for more here for we are open to do more until you are satisfied, your satisfaction is our obsession.

Your vehicle is not a learning unit. Do not leave it in the hands of learners to practice with. It is your asset, you are the one paying for the services, you are the recipient of any failures, so keep asking for details of any proposed repairs until you are confident the work will be done well before letting anyone work on your vehicle. If all your questions are not satisfactorily answered, try another shop.

At WERTSEA, we have answers to your questions. 

Please ask the questions here.