Programming/Coding/Re-flashing/Chip tuning 

Just when, do you need Programming/Coding/Re-flashing/Chip tuning for your car?

The increased use of electronics and software in modern vehicles call for programming from time to time.

Some drivability problems are associated with software error or can be corrected through software upgrade. From time to time, manufacturers release software updates to be applied to the vehicle. This is much like updating your smartphone. When some components are replaced or repaired, the ECUs also need to be re-flashed to work with the new component.

We integrate these procedures into our repairs.

There is also an increasing practice of modifying the software code of the car computer to gain more torque or save on fuel or do both. This is called chip tuning and we will soon commence this.

If you feel some programs in your car   are malfunctioning or need uprade, talk to us. We will exam it.