VIN Record Check

We help you discover accurate history of your car or the one you want to buy...

Could your car be older and much older than you think?

Yes, to nearly all the cars bought as “tokumbo” vehicle. Do not believe anyone that tells you that the odometer reading of vehicles are tamper proof. There are available technologies to adjust the reading and some individuals use them for their good. You need the actual reading or something close to it to be able to plan a meaningful maintenance schedule. You also need the actual reading when buying a car to have a feel of its run time but most of the figures you read on the instrument cluster have been seriously tampered with.

You can get all the record of the car you want to buy to know the condition

The good news is that you can cross check these readings at least until the vehicle was sold. There are companies in USA and Canada, where most of the vehicle we buy as used vehicle in Nigeria come from, who keep track of the vehicle history and sell them. Inspection reports from government authorities also contain the actual readings before there were sold.

We will help you gain access to these records when you provide us the required information...